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      Birch Bias Binding

      Birch Bias Binding

      What is Bias Binding used for

      Birch Bias Binding is a definate must because it can create the perfect finishing look.
      • Birch Bias Binding tape is made from strips of bias-cut fabric.
      • The strips are folded to enclose rough edges because it gives the best finished look.
      • It is most commonly used to finish garment edges.
      • Great along necklines and armholes.
      • Bias tape's inherent flexibility which enables it to be sewn neatly around curves and edges for a smooth, pucker-free look.

      What is the differnce between Bias Binding, Bias Tape and Bias Facing?

      Bias tape is a strip of fabric (or multiple strips sewn together) cut on the bias. It has two edges turned and pressed to meet in the middle. bias tape is naturally stretchy and flows around curves gracefully, unlike fabric cut on the straight grain. This is what makes it perfect for finishing curved hems. There are two types of bias tape: Single fold, used most often for bias facing Double fold, used mostly for bias binding. Bias facing is a finish in which bias tape is sewn onto the raw edge and then folded over to the wrong side (so that it's invisible from the outside) and sewn in place. It replaces a conventional 'facing', which is a piece of fabric cut in the shape of a neckline or armhole, sewn to the raw edge and turned inward. A typical facing is cut the same way as the bodice, bias facing is shaped to the neckline and uses it's stretchy abilities. Bias binding is when bias tape is used to enclose the raw edge of a neckline, armhole and or hem. In this case, the bias tape fabric is seen. It can be made of contrasting or matching fabric. In the case of stripes and plaids, a bias binding is particularly attractive since the design when cut on the bias becomes diagonal. Bias Binding comes in 12mm and 25mm width and each packet contains 5 metres, see colours below