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      Birch Crochet Hooks

      Birch Crochet Hooks

      Birch Crochet Hooks

      Birch Crochet Hooks come in a full range of sizes from 0.60mm to 20.00mm and will suit any project. Made from three different compositions, depending on size,  to keep the hook the right weight to balance for an easier, smoother transition from stitch to stitch, these are a great budget hook.


      • 0.60mm - 1.75 Steel
      • 2.00 - 5.00  Anodised Metal
      • 5.50mm and above - Plastic

      Sizes Available:

      • 0.60mm
      • 075mm
      • 1.00mm
      • 1.25mm
      • 1.50mm
      • 1.75mm
      • 2.00mm
      • 2.50mm
      • 3.00mm
      • 3.50mm
      • 4.00mm
      • 4.50mm
      • 5.00mm
      • 5.50mm
      • 6.00mm
      • 6.50mm
      • 7.00mm
      • 8.00mm
      • 9.00mm
      • 10.00mm
      • 12.00mm
      • 15.00mm
      • 19.00mm
      • 20.00mm
      Other hooks we offer are Clover Amour, Clover Soft Touch, Birch Tunisian, Knit Pro Symfonie Wood and Knit Pro Interchangeable

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