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      Crochet Hooks

      Crochet Hooks

      What is a crochet hook?

      Crochet hooks (or crochet needles) are an implement used to make loops in thread or yarn and to interlock them into crochet stitches. It is basically a round shaft pointed on one end, with a lateral groove behind it. Although this is the basic answer, the truth is that Crochet has come a long way and is now a real art form. From the simplest garment to the the most intricate and individual pieces, crochet will take you as far as you want to go.

      What is crochet used for?

      Crochet is a process by which yarn or thread and a single hook of any size can be used to make fabric, lace, garments and toys. Crochet may be used to make, dishclothes, teatowels, face clothes,  hats, bags and jewellery. These are just a few ideas because there is no limitations on your crochet creativity.

      Types of Crochet:

      Below are just some of the types of crochet that can be used and to great effect. The most popular form at the moment would be tunisian which uses a Tunisian Hook (tricot Hook) or interchangable hooks which use cables and hooks, (similar to a circular knitting needle)
      • Amigurumi Crochet
      • Aran Crochet
      • Bavarian Crochet
      • Bosnian Crochet
      • Bullion Crochet
      • Broomstick Crochet
      • Bruges Crochet
      • Clothesline Crochet
      • Clones Lace Crochet
      • Cro-hook Crochet
      • Filet Crochet
      • Finger Crochet
      • Freeform Crochet
      • Hairpin Crochet
      • Micro Crochet
      • Overlay Crochet
      • Pineapple Crochet
      • Stained glass crochet
      • Symbol crochet
      • Tapestry Crochet
      • Tunisian Crochet
      Explore hundreds of stitches and give one or all of these a go and immerse yourself in the wonderul world of crochet.

      Types we sell

      • Birch Standard Steel and Plastic Hooks
      • Clover Amour Hooks (ergonomic handle)
      • Clover Soft Touch
      • Knit Pro Symfony Wood
      • Knit Pro Interchangeable hooks and cables
      • Tunisian (Tricot)
      Each of these have a large range of sizes ranging from 0.60mm for delicate work to 19.00mm for thick and chunky projects. Enhance your skills and find your favorite hook!

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